Escort Girls (DVD)

Escort Girls (DVD)
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 It s Christmas Eve in London, 1974 - and seven lonely people are on the town, looking to grab that elusive slice of enjoyment. So who better to contact than an escort agency- providing high-class ladies and gentlemen for anyone willing to pay the right price. But even in the saucy seventies, things weren t that easy- and our intrepid pleasure seekers have to face everything from inadequacy, rejection and catharsis to racism, violence and grand theft. Just goes to show how lonely a place the throbbing metropolis can be, especially during the holiday season... Donovan Winter s gritty, realist sex drama is a fascinating snapshot of a London long past, featuring an early performance from David Dixon (Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy, The Legend Of Robin Hood) alongside notable cult film faces Veronica Doran (Haunted House Of Horror, Funny Man) Ken Gajadhar (Death May Be Your Santa Claus) Helen Christie (Lust For A Vampire) and Maria O Brien (Adventures Of Barry McKenzie, When Dinsoaurs Ruled The Earth) It s glittering, it s grimy, and above all, it s guaranteed to make you say, now where have I seen them before? A night in with the Escort Girls (and boys) is like the night out you never thought you d have... and you still might not! Includes: Theatrical Trailer, A Winter s Tale - Donovan Winter featurette, The Winters of My Discontent - Donovan Winter s memoirs (.pdf) and Naughty Trailershow

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Escort Girls (DVD)
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